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Ways to combat motion sickness without having to take medicine

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There is no permanent cure for motion sickness, but there are still some ways to help us combat difficulty breathing, dizziness, heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, headache … when traveling by umbrella bowl. Car sickness is a phenomenon that many people experience while traveling with this vehicle. Accordingly, motion sickness is the body’s response to a car. At that time, the received signals of the ears and eyes are not consistent, causing the brain to not adapt and causing an imbalance. Common symptoms of people with car sickness can be mentioned as difficulty breathing, dizziness, dizziness, fast heartbeat, feeling nauseous or vomiting, headache …

Ways to combat motion sickness without having to take medicine

1. Cure motion sickness with fresh ginger

Ways to combat motion sickness without having to take medicine
Ways to combat motion sickness without having to take medicine

An effective way to cure motion sickness according to folklore is to use fresh ginger. Accordingly, about 30 minutes – 1 hour before getting on the bus, you can drink 1 cup of warm water and crushed with a little fresh ginger. Even during the ride, you can also take a few slices of fresh ginger. According to Oriental medicine, the fresh ginger is spicy, warm and detoxifies, thereby helping you get rid of nausea, dizziness and more alertness.

However, this remedy is only really effective for people with low blood pressure, vestibular. For those with high blood pressure or for those who cannot eat fresh ginger, you can slice the ginger and put it on the nose to smell or apply on the navel to keep the belly warm. Or you can use ginger candy during the car ride to reduce car sickness.

2. Tips to cure car sickness with tangerine peel, orange peel

Ways to combat motion sickness without having to take medicine

Essential oils in tangerine peel, orange peel also help people who are prone to motion sickness feel more comfortable. Use your hands to gently squeeze the peel of tangerines, oranges to secrete essential oils and lightly inhale about 10 times before going for a ride about 1 hour. Be more careful, you can also bring tangerine peel, orange peel to smell, to drown the smell of gasoline and from there feel nauseous.

3. How to prevent car sickness with betel leaves?

According to the drivers who have many years of driving experience, a very good tip to cure motion sickness for people with motion sickness is to use betel leaves. You can crush the betel leaves or heat them up and then place them on your navel. Betel leaves will not de-weld, help the body warmer, increase balance and in addition, the scent of betel leaves no longer effectively eliminates the smell of gasoline.

4. Cure motion sickness with bread

Ways to combat motion sickness without having to take medicine

Along with betel leaves, many people with chronic car sickness spread the word about another effective way to prevent motion sickness is to use bread. Eating a few slices of bread, sucking or leaving bread across your nose to smell during the ride will help you feel comfortable, not nauseous.

5. Cure car sickness with areca fruit

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Ways to combat motion sickness without having to take medicine
Ways to combat motion sickness without having to take medicine

One more tip against car sickness for those who often suffer from nausea, dizziness, and headache when riding in a car is to use fresh areca fruit. Accordingly, you can break the areca nut into small pieces and keep it in your mouth when the car starts to run.

6. Treat car sickness with sweet potato tubers


Not only is it an effective weight loss food, but sweet potato is also a very effective ‘drug’ against motion sickness. Many people have applied this tip against car sickness and said it works very well in helping them feel comfortable, not dizzy, nausea while riding. Wash the sweet potato, peel and slice a few slices, then chew it raw, you will feel its use.

7. Effective against motion sickness with bay leaf

In fact, many people do not know that laurel leaves are extremely useful in preventing motion sickness. According to scientists, bay leaf helps to keep the spirit awake, prevents motion sickness and especially helps drivers not feel sleepy while driving.

8. Prevent motion sickness with medicine under the ear

Currently, with the development of medicine and technology, scientists have invented tools to help riders get rid of car sickness without using drugs. That person with motion sickness can reduce the situation of dizziness and nausea by using a motion sickness patch just under the ear around 30 minutes before the car departs. This patch also helps you feel balanced, free of vestibular disturbances and more stable when riding.

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