Studying hospitality management at IMI Academy – Switzerland

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The IMI Institute of International Governance is located in Luzern, Switzerland, one of the best schools in the field of hospitality management. IMI is recognized for the quality of training by Manchester Metropolitan University, Swiss Canton of Lucern, ISO 9001, EDUQUA, FSP, QLST. Many well-known organizations accept graduates from IMI including: Hilton, HYAT Hotels & Resorts, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Swissotel, Marriott, Accord Hospitality …

1.Geographical location and history
The Swiss Institute of International Management Institute (IMI), is a private academy of hospitality industry training established in 1991. The University offers international management courses in tourism, hospitality and event events for undergraduate level and as well as MBA courses in International Hospitality Management. Currently, IMI academy has about 200 students from all over the world.

From the International Management Institute (IMI), Switzerland, just a 12-minute walk from Luzern city centre. It is one of Switzerland’s most beautiful cities surrounded by majestic mountains and lyrical rivers.

In addition, Luzern is famous for many attractive destinations such as Chapel Bridge across the Reuss River, Jesuit Cathedral – the first Baro bar church built in Switzerland, Glacier Garden (Glacier Garden), Musegg Wall. That’s why a lot of people don’t want to come just once.

The combination of quality training, practical knowledge, building relationships and learning environments between beautiful nature is a recipe for IMI’s success. Each semester, IMI only accepts up to 220 students from all over the world to ensure the best quality of training. In addition, IMI’s worldwide partners offer a variety of job opportunities for students to complete their studies. IMI graduates are currently in senior management positions around the globe and always have open opportunities for students.

2. School facilities
The IMI campus is located on the shores of Lake Luzern with spectacular views over the Alps and the Rigi and Pilatus mountains. Students are allowed to stay in comfortable rooms near theaters, restaurants and entertainment facilities.

IMI prides itself on its warm campus, with a real family feel that allows students to become caring and friendly. Regular bus service is a great plus when studying at this school.

1. Convenient location for international students: located in the romantic city of Luzern
Im Academy is located on the Seeacherweg suburb of Lucern. It is located next to Lake Lucern with great views of the Alps, Rigi and Pilatus. Just 12 minutes away is the beautiful city of Luzern, with cultural events and lively cafes. Luzern is also considered the center of Switzerland with a high level of security, considered the tourist center of Switzerland where hundreds of thousands of visitors visit annually. Located in the heart of Europe, international students can take a train to Paris, Rome or Berlin. Therefore, it will be easy to access the most modern restaurants and facilities and services. This is also a good opportunity for IMI students to expand their industry relationships and seek internship opportunities at their hotels.

2. Quality of training
Ranked 17th in the QS ranking 2018, the small class size brings the quality of teaching to the maximum. IMI Academy always researches and seeks to improve the quality of teaching by recruiting experienced faculty, professors, doctors, researchers, and even international students who have succeeded in hospitality tourism to be invited to teach at the school. IMI Academy is also a culturally diverse international school with thousands of students of 80 different nationalities around the world.

3. Opportunities for dual degree
IMI Is a leading partner at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK. It is the 54th highest school in the UK with excellent educational quality and high levels of student satisfaction. Students studying Hospitality Management at IMI will have the opportunity to receive both a bachelor’s and master’s degree from IMI and Manchester Metropolitan University.

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