Review Audi A4 2020: Take 4-wheel drive as a competitive advantage

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After 4 years on the market, the new upgraded version of Audi A4 has finally been introduced to customers under the 2020 model. Although it is a bit late, the Audi Vietnam representative told customers. Bigger appearance, more refined design and updated with more new technologies, Audi A4 2020 will continue to push the limits compared to competitors in the same segment. Let’s review Audi A4 2020 with us!

Customers buying Audi A4 2020 have 12 choices of exterior paint colors. Brilliant Black and Ibis White are the two primary colors. Meanwhile, the metallic and pearl finish is finished in Daytona Gray (S line exterior only), Floret Silver, Glacier White, Manhattan Gray, Mythos Black, Quantum Gray (S line only) ), Navarra Blue, Tango Red, Terra Gray (new) and Turbo Blue (S line exterior package only).

Audi A4 2020 Review: Overall

Although it is only an upgraded mid-cycle version, the Audi A4 2020 clearly has made outstanding changes compared to the old version. Basically, the appearance has inherited Audi’s new design, following the style of the flagship model – the Audi A8L.

This mid-size car model has been further expanded in size. Specifically, the Audi A4 2020 has an overall size of 4,762 x 1,847 x 1,431 mm, 24 mm longer and 5 mm wider, respectively. The wheelbase and vehicle height are maintained at 2,820 mm and 1,431 mm, respectively.

Looking head-on, the Audi A4 2020 has a bigger, more personal and sporty look thanks to a redesigned single-frame grille, separated from the bonnet, lower, wider and flatter. The spokes also decreased from 8 to 5 spokes, making the grille look even more outstanding. In the S Line version, the A4 2020 grille will have a dark chrome honeycomb mesh design.

Audi A4 2020 review: front design.

The front lights of the Audi A4 2020 are no longer angled, instead it is designed with a softer design, showing a high level of sophistication. The headlight still uses the Full LED form with the projector bulb for the cos lamp, but it only has the feature to extend the projection angle and does not have the option of Matrix LED.

In addition, the large and indented pentagonal air cavity underneath the LED headlight area also becomes a prominent highlight of the dynamic and sporty element for the Audi A4 2020.

Review Audi A4 2020: Bodywork

Seen from the side, the Audi A4 2020 shows a muscular look thanks to the curved arches on the fenders and shoulder blades. The vein running across the body of the old version no longer runs through the headlights to the rear lights, instead it is interrupted in the doorway and lowered down to pass through the door handles, creates the feeling that the center of gravity is lowered.

The rear windows of the Audi A4 2020 are wider, making the cabin look longer and the rear pillars thinner. The low ceiling is clawed downwards and the rearview mirror is placed on the shoulder of the front door to emphasize the sporty look of the model.

Review Audi A4 2020: the window frame is made large.

Review Audi A4 2020: wheels on the A4 S Line version. Audi A4 2020 review: the wheels are raised from 17 to 18 standard inches.
In the Audi A4 2020, the previous 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels will be raised to 18-inch, 5-spoke single with the Advanced version, while the S Line version remains the same 18-inch but has a 10-spoke design. The car’s appearance is more sharp.

Audi A4 2020 Review: Tail

Review Audi A4 2020: rear lights are created more impressive. Audi A4 2020 review: rear bumper is tweaked with 2 trapezoidal exhaust pipes.
Behind, the 3D LED rear lights of the Audi A4 2020 are newly designed and based on the motif of the daytime lights and the turn signal lights like the front lights. A striking horizontal chrome strip acts as the connection between the two tail lights, while emphasizing the car’s impression of the width. The rear bumper is also tweaked with the two trapezoidal exhaust design submerged in the rear diffuser cover.

Audi A4 2020 Review: Cockpit

The interior of the Audi A4 2020 doesn’t look too luxurious like the Mercedes-Benz C-Class or as sporty as the BMW 3-Series, instead it feels spacious with a technological space. Of course, the interior materials are selected and machined with special care to match a premium car.

Review Audi A4 2020: the interior has only a few minor changes.

Basically, although the overall design of the interior space of the Audi A4 2020 does not have too many changes compared to the old version, the company still knows how to easily recognize that they are sitting in a new car. with a small change, it is a large entertainment screen in the center area.

Audi A4 2020 review: steering wheel and dashboard

Đánh giá xe Audi A4 2020: vô-lăng vẫn giữ nguyên kiểu dáng cũ.

Behind the wheel, the dashboard on the Audi A4 2020 for the Vietnamese market continues to maintain the standard analog format. For more demanding customers, the company also offers the option of the MMI Plus package that adds an Audi virtual cockpit plus cockpit that allows you to switch 3 screen formats – classic, sport or functional. according to preferences and operating inspiration.

Audi A4 2020 Review: Seat

The seats on the Audi A4 2020 are wrapped in high-quality synthetic leather with 3 color options including Black, Brown and Gray. The two front seats are electrically adjusted with 4-way back pump support. Customers can optionally add memory function for the driver’s seat and massage mode for both front seats to increase the comfort of the occupants.

With a 2,820 mm wheelbase and developed favoring a front-wheel drive platform, the 2020 Audi A4’s rear passenger seat offers an edge over competitors in the same segment by providing a fairly spacious sitting space.

However, it only really provides comfort for two passengers sitting on the side. As for the middle seat position, passengers will experience a bit cramped due to the high center floating dock and the air-conditioning door position for the rear seats located close to the seat position.

One point that many people will find not satisfied is that this area has no armrests, even the Advanced version cannot fold the back of the chair, only the S Line version can do this.

Audi A4 2020 Review: Luggage compartment

Đánh giá xe Audi A4 2020: Khoang hành lý có dung tích 480 lít.

According to the manufacturer, the luggage of the Audi A4 2020 has a capacity of 460 liters. The rear lid opens and closes electromagnetically, but doesn’t feature push-button closure. In addition, as just mentioned above, the Advanced version of the Audi A4 2020 does not allow the back seat to be folded, so it will not be able to increase more cargo space when needed.

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