Study abroad at Brunel University London

Brunel University London, located in Uxbridge, west London, is among the top 50 universities in the UK according to the Complete University Guide in 2018. Students around the world are welcome at Brunel , which has been named one of the 25 best universities in the world for international students.

Brunel University London, founded in 1966 in Uxbridge, north-west London, is one of the uk’s most student-oriented universities with an advanced curriculum. Despite having only one campus, Brunel University has impressive academic and entertainment facilities, including a 24-hour library and computer center, state-of-the-art fitness center – with sports houses, gyms and a sports park as well as numerous shops , restaurants, bars and student clubs on campus.

The university’s Student Association has more than 100 clubs and groups for students to join, such as interest groups, learning groups and community activist groups. The Student Association regularly organizes social events and runs a counseling center to help students with everything from finance to academics.

1. No concerns about living abroad
The university is located in west London and is only 40 minutes by train from central London and very close to Heathrow Airport. Brunel University offers an ideal living and learning environment: the uk’s top quality of teaching and society; modern and convenient accommodation; The social support and education network is very good… Every year the university spends a significant amount of money, about £300 million to build and upgrade facilities on campus to ensure the best conditions for students to study and research.

In addition, the university provides on-and-off-campus housing. Housing prices are generally more favourable than elsewhere in London and the University Housing Office will provide support for all students. There are more than 4,500 rooms on campus, with en-suite equipment across 34 dormitories. Bed utensils will be provided and upholstery will be changed once a week.

The university has invested more than £400m in campus dormitories and infrastructure over the past decade.

2. Prestige teaching quality
Brunel University London received the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) Silver Award in 2017. The TEF Board noted brunel had achieved the following achievements:

– Approach towards increasing employment prospects for graduates

– The ability to connect employers and create opportunities to gain job experience for students.

– Analytical methods in an effort to bridge the achievement gap between a wide range of students.

– Unique assessment methods

– Continuous evaluation techniques to challenge students

Brunel offers a variety of programs to support students throughout their studies from the candidate stage to the graduation stage. Among them is the career counseling program, the program’s employment advisors will assist students throughout their studies at Brunel and until after graduation.

The Brunel Educational Excellence Centre (BEEC) strives to enhance the teaching and learning experience in Brunel for students with a variety of extracurricular learning opportunities.

Brunel is also known for applying technologies to enhance interactive and flexible learning.

3. Diverse international community
One-fifth of Brunel University London’s students are international students of more than 110 different nationalities. Every year, the school holds a “One World” festival to celebrate the diversity of the Brunel community.

As a student of the university, you have the opportunity to continue with many different cultures. Thereby, you will have a multi-dimensional view of the world and accumulate more ideas to solve your problems.

4. Many job opportunities after graduation
Brunel University has strong links with businesses, and succeeds in providing students with practical work with international companies such as Accenture or Volkswagen. The university offers international students the opportunity to volunteer or get paid for 1 year, helping students gain experience before leaving school. The university’s employment office will assist students in seeking internship opportunities.

The Professional Development Centre assists international students in preparing job interviews and work experience. The support service is completely free and lasts up to two years after graduation.

PDC’s Jobs Store is the place to post part-time employment information on and off campus. This service helps students apply for a variety of jobs for additional income. This service also assists students in finding relevant courses for each job so that they have more practical experience.

PDC also offers free language courses to help students improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. The Innovation Center helps and supports students who are studying as well as graduates to develop ideas into real business. The Career Team helps students identify their potential career path and understand the recruitment process. The team also instructs students how to apply for internships, apply for jobs after graduation as well as how to take psychological tests.

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