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The University of Chester , UK Is a prestigious public school, ranked in the top of the university sector in the North West of England. The University of Chester is among the top 10 safest learning environments for students in England and Wales. It ranks 4th out of 318 uk universities selected by students worldwide.


Founded in 1839 as a teacher training school, in 1974 it was renamed the University of Chester, one of the oldest and most prestigious public universities in the UK.

Chester is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Cathedral Group, the North West University Association and uk universities

Attractions for international students:

With its prestige and quality Chester welcomes thousands of international students every year from all over the world. With the training sector specializing in economics, human management … The site attracts nearly 17,000 students from more than 50 countries worldwide


The university has four campuses with its main campus located on Parkgate Road north of the city. Conveniently located just a 15-minute walk from Chester city centre, students enjoy living and studying in one of Britain’s most popular and attractive cities. Chester is one of the six heritage cities in the country and has also been voted one of the happiest cities to live in in the UK.


The University of Chester is among the top 10 schools with the safest learning environment for students in the UK. It is consistently in the top 10 out of more than 300 UK universities selected by students worldwide. The system of rich partner universities from usa, Australia, Brazil, China, India … . In addition, the rich and diverse disciplines in accordance with the global development trend, the university is also famous for the training model “Learning in pairs with onions”, students in the second year of the university have 5 weeks internship at local companies and organizations at home and abroad. Each year, about 1,000 students find successful jobs. It ranks 2nd in the North West and 25th in the UK in terms of the proportion of students who earn jobs.
Students experience a true English environment with 97% of native students. Opportunities to improve language ability quickly and efficiently. There are also free academic English courses available for international students of all levels. Students are guaranteed to improve their language skills before entering the main course. Finally, the student support team is consistently ranked 5* by the British Quality Foundation. Student and parent satisfaction for the school is 84% according to a 2011 survey, which is 2% higher than overall satisfaction
The University of Chester is a modern and innovation-rich university with a strong reputation for high quality education and student care and support services. The university adopts the “Learning goes hand in hand” training model: second-year students have 5 weeks of internships at local companies and organizations at home and abroad, so students will have practical experience.
In particular, the University of Chester is one of the three places with the lowest cost of living in the UK (according to the Sunday Times 2012)

University courses last only two years to help students save a year in accommodation costs and have the opportunity to graduate early. This is an advantage and is different from other schools.

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