Study at CAA Academy – Switzerland’s leading culinary arts school

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland was founded by Swiss Education Group. The academy along with some other names such as HITTI Academy, SHMS, Montrex Hotel Academy … has created a network of specialized training schools restaurants, famous hotels not only in Switzerland but all over the world. After 20 years of establishment, more than 12,000 students from 80 countries attended the academy.


1. Location

Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland was founded by Swiss Education Group, a group specializing in culinary training worldwide. Currently, the university has 2 campuses located in 2 different cities:

✔️ Lucerne Campus is located in the heart of Lucerne, a Swiss tourist destination. The campus is for chocolate and ice cream enthusiasts, providing specialized facilities and facilities.

✔️ Le Bouveret Campus, located right next to lake Genever, is beautifully landscaped. The campus has a modern kitchen, experienced teaching staff and chefs, collaborating with innovation projects.


+ The Academy belongs to Swiss Education Group – a group specializing in culinary training worldwide.

+ With modern facilities, meeting the standards of the world’s leading hotels and restaurants to bring the best learning environment for students.

+ The class is small so that students can easily receive enthusiastic guidance from the chefs of the Academy.

+ Lecturers at the academy are members of professional organizations such as the Association of Chefs – WACS and Chaine des Rotisseurs.

+ The school has a network associated with famous restaurants and hotels in Switzerland in particular and around the world in general will help international students easily internship and work there.

+ In the course of study, the school has a combination of paid internship program.

+ CAA Academy places its focus on training students by creating the best conditions for students to explore with the essence of diverse cuisines from many different countries and continents.

+ Not only that, CAA culinary academy helps students discover and practice skills in the business training environment, along with culinary training.

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